Bay Towers of Babel-On

Entering the office this piece stands out from the back of the office. The prototype model for Bay Towers of Babel-On made on a pecha kucha kind of day. The story goes:

The Anderson's were selected to entered a competition initiated by the History Channel called "City of the Future". Eight teams in each city (San Francisco, Washington D.C. and Atlanta) will have just one week to envision what their city might look like in 100 years, before presenting their 3D model to a panel of five judges.

They worked on a model of a city that collects memories, creating small fold-able objects from everyday-life; celebrating chastening moments of courage, imagination, and crime. You can download some of them here. On the day of assembly (at the Ferry Building) the whole team wore white coveralls and had 3 hours to put everything together. 

Screen Printing
is something the Anderson's have always been intrigued by, we're thinking of giving away some BAY-PAC prints if there is interest.
The brothers started out as a contractors in 1983, when asked what their first project was, Mark will say something along the lines of "We built our first fort when I was 5 and then we just kept building..." But there is a better story about their first built project and I will report on that soon.

 The Elephants a project that keeps growing. Elephants are a recurring interest for the Anderson's. Always showing up in the most unexpected places.

The Anderson's recently worked on a fairytale competition submission with the latest version of the elephant tower. The drawings will be revealed in the next few weeks and the shirt designs will become available. But for's an elephant from our Egyptians collection. 

Do you have any questions for Mark and Peter? We love getting feedback!



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